What Chain Will You Choose?

Your necklace order includes a 16" or 18" rope chain as standard.  However, if you want to choose a different chain, for a small charge (approx £10-20 depending on style and length), you can switch it for one of the others shown below.  I currently offer rope chains, snake chains, curb chains, ball chains and belcher chains. 

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The Rope Chain


The Rope Chain - this is the standard chain that comes with your pendant.  It is a very pretty, lightweight chain for up to 2 charms. The chain has a beautiful twist to it that reflects the light.  The standard size is 16" or 18" but I can order a 20" upon request. 

The Snake Chain

The Snake Chain - a smooth and sleek chain that looks very elegant with any pendant charm.  It is also a strong choice for 2 or more charms as it will take the weight well.  The standard size is 16" or 18"  but you can order up to 30". One of my favourite chains :)    Click here to order.

The Curb Chain

The Curb Chain - a beautiful chain that catches the light and is strong enough to carry up to 3 pendants.  This comes in various lengths from 16" to 26".  Click here to order.

The Ball Chain

The ball chain is a very pretty chain that reflects the light and will compliment your pendant beautifully.  This sterling silver chain will hold up to 2 pendants in 16" or 18" lengths.  Click here to order.

The Belcher Chain

The belcher chain is a great choice as it is a pretty yet strong sterling silver chain which can hold up to 3 charms (or 4 mini).  This chain can be done in a variety of lengths from 16" up to 30".   Click here to order.

The 9CT Gold Belcher Chain

This 9 carat gold belcher chain is a very pretty chain, suitable for holding single charms.  It is diamond cut on the edge so catches the light.  This is available in 16" and 18" lengths.  This chain is available with the gold plating option for your pendant. 


The Gold Vermeil Belcher Chain

This gold vermeil belcher chain has a base of sterling silver and is plated with 24K gold. It is a strong chain and will carry 3 charms (4 mini). This can be ordered in 16", 18" and 20" lengths. This chain is available with the gold plating option for your pendant.


If you can't find a chain that you like from the ones available here, please do contact me and I can do my best to help.  Contact me.